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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 19, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>>erica: good morning, it looks like we have some rain and are forecast today. during your commute you will continue to see showers into the evening and overnight hours. as we advance the clock to see scattered showers signal the heart of the bay area up into the north bay. about 2:00 p.m. it looks like everyone is betting a healthy dose of the wet weather tomorrow. i want to advance the clock to 5:00 p.m.. check this out, this is friday at 8:00
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p.m.. you will certainly want to be endorsed in the thick of that read on your screen i have not seen a rainfall that heavy on our maps and a good while. everyone wants to certainly have your umbrella ready. the rain will not only stretch for the rest of the work week into the weekend as well. in terms of your temperatures right outside the door is on the mild side. that check out fairfield and apple, upper 30's there and 44 degrees for santa rosa, a little bit warmer for places like downtown san francisco. upper 30s for haber, 36 for those of you in half moon bay. rain is the big story beginning today stretching into the next three days. temperature to be in the upper 50s and low 60s with on and off showers as we head into sunday and monday. it looks like high pressure will begin to build back up. we will see mostly cloudy conditions for tuesday and wednesday in a little bit of a warming trend. over in the traffic center we have no hot spots
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to tell you about it sacred quiet morning around the bay area. you are looking live in the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no metering lights to deal with and traffic is moving smoothly up the incline and across the upper deck. your sanity a bridge ride is moving well in both directions of highway 92 just 14 minutes from end to end. as we take it over to the golden gate bridge south bound 101 has a few cars for your ride coming out of marin county. a quick check from the traffic map shows out the conditions moving good. north bound 101 is delay free. no accidents report. and your drive time is right around 10 want from the capitol expressway to montague clocking in at just 10 minutes this hour. >>james: thank you erica. are developing story the wife of san francisco's new share of is lashing out at her neighbor who reported to police the domestic abuse between the sheriff and his wife. sure frost mikarimi
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is charged with domestic battery he will be arraigned today. and now his wife says the neighbor had ulterior motives and that she plans to fight the protective order to assure away from his family. >>reporter: lopez told a spanish radio and venezuela that people are trying to attempt to ruin her husband. several times during the interview she said this is not a case of domestic violence but political persecution and she believes someone is unhappy with her husband's progressive views. she says she has no complaints against her husband in new the electives san francisco share. she is horrified at palo people go. she says she will continue to stand by him and she is confident that the troops will come out. during a phone interview she also said in these moments i really miss even as well.-- i remiss in venezuela.
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>>justine: a high-speed chase ended with an innocent bystander did. police said officers of trying to catch a car with suspects and burgers inside. three people are now behind bars, the police still have not released the identity of the victim. prosecutors laid out new evidence for the man suspected of killing for northern california women. investigators say pantihose contain the and then-- contained the dna of joseph naso. joseph naso claims the he never had contact with the victims. a $100,000 reward is now being offered in the deadly beating of an elderly man. this 83 year olds attacked years ago in san francisco bay view neighborhood. reggie kumar walks us through the crime scene.
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>>reporter: nearly two years ago, huan chen had gotten off the train came down this way when he was approached by a group of do not. police said they hit him in the back of the heavy cells of the ground and hit his head again. they say he was immediately rushed to hospital but died from his injuries one month and half after the attack. inspector kevin jones says the they have no leads in the case and they hope that someone comes forward with the information. >> the problem is i do not know what the motivation what he did not appear to be robbed, we have closed cases and have been able to solve cases that have cases prosecuted. people have come forward after a couple of years, for some reason, their circumstances change and they feel more comfortable coming forward and providing that information.
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>>james: let's talk about the 49ers than this coming weekend. tickets for the playoff game this sunday may have sold out quickly but there are still places to buy them. stubhub is one of those places. they said web site currently has about 5000 tickets on sale for sunday's game but they said you have some patience to actually save some money. >> will we actually saw last week is that prices came down for the divisional playoff as it tackles the daytime the reason was not because people did not want to go was just the fact of the matter is it is a marketplace, so there were so many tickets that fans ended up having to--there were just so many tickets. >>james: are tech reporter gabe slate will show us just how quickly those tickets so. >>justine: coming up with a fall in a developing story
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out of san leandro work he --would where police are looking for a man that shot rounds at a police officer. we will take a look at our weather coming up after this.
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>>james: keep your eye on the weather because it is changing today. there is a lot of activity in washington. this is coming down into northern california. we will keep you updated. >>justine: in national news many popular web sites are back up and running this morning after shutting down to protest"sopa"yesterday.
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chris dodd explains why that group thinks the legislation needs to be passed. >> the kama guys, the are you guys, the make up by the artist, all of these are hard-working middle income families and here we are talking about a group of people outside the country were still in those jobs and stealing this content. >>justine: opponents say the legislation goes too far and violates the first amendment. some lawmakers have stopped supporting the legislation. your >>james: a canadian company that is hoping to build for the oil pipeline said it will reapply it comes after president obama rejected the current proposal. will says congress did not given enough time to review the project. house speaker john speaker boehner says president obama is breaking his promise to create jobs. we will him on the story coming up in our next half hour. now let us give you
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another live look outside. we have a shot near the bay bridge and of course we are following the storm that is coming into our area today. if you have not seen the feature cast for looking at how intense and the rain is expected to be, it gets pretty bad especially tomorrow evening, we have that are coming up in distillate as we continue our storm coverage this morning.
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>>erica: good morning and welcome back to kron4 news. we are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge we have a clear and mouse start to your morning. over most of our area we will see rain chances increase. it looks like the north bay could see the rain chances when the net--rain chances within the
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next couple hours. temperatures are currently in the 30's and here is a this storm tracker 4. this live look shows you over california. a bulk of the wet weather is sitting offshore. as we zoom in, you can see the wet weather sitting just north of santa rosa right now. as a ticket to the future forecast, we see over an inch of rain expected by 11:00 p.m. tonight. about a half inch for navato, so most of the wet weather tonight will be in the north there are trace amounts in the south bay. about three tined fork downtown san francisco so continue to see shower activity into the evening and overnight hours. check out any more on friday, this is when you're expected to see the heaviest rainfall over into santa rosa. we will continue to see the accumulations' built at 11:00 p.m. on friday and
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almost 3 in. of rain expected for santa rosa and pretty much over an inch everywhere else around the bay area. the rain begins today the heaviest is about 8:00 p.m. on friday. certainly be aware that has meant the outdoor plant. we have about 1 to 2 in. for the san francisco the area. as we turn our attention to afternoon high temperatures, we have 58 degrees expected for open and redwood city, a few degrees cooler than that to half moon bay, who will see mid-50s in the north bay as well, 56, number for navato in san raphael. now your seven day around the bay forecast shows rain is the big story as we can to the next several days. the heaviest rainfall is expected for tomorrow night. we have mostly cloudy
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conditions, however as we head into tuesday and wednesday check that out a little bit of a warming trend with temperatures. over in the traffic center is pretty quiet out there was no major accidents to speak of. this morning traffic is moving well from the east shore freeway, west bound 580 and the nimitz freeway. the san mateo bridge currently delay free. there are no bright lights coming towards you heading east down into hayward. south bound 101 shows problem free conditions a lot of space in between cars. this ride is just 23 minutes out of arnold for san francisco. over on the traffic map cc great conditions for westbound highway 4. no problems for west bound 24 through the caldecott tunnel. >>erica: for those of you taking public transit there
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are no delays or problems. >>james: bankamerica, not a key approval comes in for san francisco's one and a half billion dollar subway project. kate thompson reports that the federal government has given us the ok to push for the project. >>reporter: construction has already begun for the central subway, you can see the heavy equipment in the street at union square. the traffic cones, the sidewalks are blocked off and there are signs telling people about what is to come. federal funding for the subway has not yet been secured. on wednesday, the federal transportation secretary issued an important letter supporting the project signaling that federal funding is on the way. that is critical to the project. the city has applied for nearly $1 billion in federal funding, that is the majority of the cost of the project. now the city will be able to move forward with this letter on
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the initial construction and began digging the subway tunnel. when complete so we will run from chinatown to the caltrans station. the subway is expected to open in 2019. >>james: construction of the subway means big changes for two bus routes. instead of driving down stockton, the changes will be in effect as you heard this is happening over the next four years so be ready. oakland police say the buses and cars traveling down a certain city streets are now safer. vehicles in east open more often hit by sniper for target practice but increase officer patrols have lowered the number of those shootings. police credit their new 100 blocks plan that places more police in troubled areas around the city. >>justine: new details this morning as many as 2500 the
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layoff notices were sent out to open city workers. they have been using redevelopment money to cover part of their payroll now they must cover a $15 million shortfall for this fiscal year. it is estimated between 150200 workers will be laid off that is more than we thought yesterday. those workers are asked to get their layoff notices in effect starting february 3rd. maureen kelly shows the impact that these layoffs have. >>reporter: here you can see one of the layoff notices that one ought to roughly half of the workers on the city's payroll. the city administrator sent out so many in order to give the city leeway when they decide on who actually lose their jobs next month. there are city workers that will not be affected by the lay off, police officers and firefighters will not get pink slips and neither will the mayor are members of the city council even though some of their salaries are paid at least in part by the redevelopment funding that is going away. but every other city worker who
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received a pink slip is hon. to being cut. the impact on city services will not be fully known until the city council makes the final decision at the end of the month. the city councilperson chain brunner says that this impact could be felt citywide. >> we are talking about me is, how old, senior centers, library hours, we are talking about hours that the city hall is open for business, this is devastating. >>justine: governor jerry brown has started on 82 day statewide tour to help build support for higher taxes. and once californians the current $250,000 more per year to pay a bit more. he says the tax is necessary to fill an estimated $9.2 billion budget gap. he wants to vote on the tax proposal at this november's election. he said without the state could face graphic
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school cuts. >> my budget proposes to replace categorical programs with a new blended student formula that provides a basic level of funding with additional money for disadvantaged students and those struggling to learn english. this will give more authority to local school district to fashion the kind of programs that they see that their students' needs. it will also create transparency and simplify complex funding streams. >>justine: the governor also talked about high-speed rail project. he says his estimated business plan will be released in three weeks. >>james: in southern california a man accused of a mass shooting tweeted nigel. they say this man who fired in an orange county salon killing his wife and seven others pled not
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guilty. they're now seeking the death penalty. >>justine: in national news the question this morning is where is casey anthony. according to some reports, they have found god, she is speculated to be living in a church in west palm florida. there is video that shows a blond woman with a broad here could in the window. the woman has a similar look to the video diary that appeared online recently made by casey anthony. >>james: the us give you another live look this time for san jose. we have a pretty big storm headed our way. it is not just one, but a series of storms and it gets pretty that a special friday evening. we will have more with erica coming up at the bottom of the hour.
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>>stanley: you are looking at and talent left on the street, on the palate caustic materials mostly partial cans of paint. one can is labeled kerosene there is this want that says maple syrup but it is appearing to be full of used motor oil. i am in san francisco on illinois street in an area known as the dog patch historic district. it is sad to say this but some section of the dog packed are beginning to look like a toxic waste mound. just because you cannot see the waste does not mean it is not present. look under the street this is a plastic arararo--plastic water bottle inside it appears to be more oil. and here are
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some non hazardous materials but inside we find a box of car shoppers. if you look in the bushes you find these things. i spoke with some people who frequent this area and they believe the problem is getting worse. batteries should never be simply thrown away or live in--or line in the street this is not. when toxic materials are dumped this affects all of us. >>james: as always if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, let him know sent him an e-mail or reach out to him on facebook what ever you need to do. you can always contacted at >>justine: when we come back and be the campbell rain in
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the bay area as we have a live picture now of the storm that is approaching. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. the >>james: now will take a look at whether in our area with erica good morning. >>erica: are. good morning james, as a resume into our area we see right now it is a little north of ukiah. car a couple sprinkles of shores. as we take a gander at fletcher class for, it shows quite 88 >> looks like the rain chances will steal to our north and as yet as the clock closer to do and we have more moderate rain
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shower activity for cliff like santa rosa and petaluma. of the rain just north of the golden gate bridge.. week when it is not until you're blue in commute home quarter this yellow band will indicate some moderate rainfall. it looks like everywhere around the bay area will be dealing it rain chances. we will continue to see scattered showers in the evening and the overnight hours. as we take is the for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we see scattered showers over the heart of the bay area. portions of the north they will increase in intensity as we head into the afternoon. checkout five q tomorrow looks like everyone is getting a healthy dose of the wet weather. and focus on 8:00 p.m. friday, this is when we expect the majority of the wet weather all this red and purple on your screen indicates heavy downpours. certainly aware that if you're driving on the roadways. i have not seen rain this intense in a good while. the looks like everyone will be given with some pretty heavy showers here in the bay area and that usually translates to
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snow in the sierra. if your head up with it when he will certainly need for change. --need your chains. as we turn our attention to your current temperatures if you're heading out the door it is on the mild side right now, mild temperatures and a big story is the wet weather. heavy rain is expected for tomorrow. it looks like your temperatures will be training in the upper 50s and low 60s with a little bit of a warming trend as we head into the middle of next week. over in the traffic center we had it pretty quiet morning around the bay area with no hot spots to tell you about. this a live look at the approach shows a handful of cars and the san
4:33 am
mateo bridge ride is nice and easy in both directions. ha over on the traffic map you'll see no problems west bound 580 and and and the nimitz freeway has a pretty ride, in fact of the green on your screen does indicate to lose over 50 got fouled. kirk work we do not have a single accident report and there are great conditions on north bound 80--880. >>justine: new shares will be arraigned today. the wife is now
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lashing out at the neighbor who reported the of the domestic abuse. lopez says the neighbor had ulterior motives and she plans to fight a protective order keeping the shares away from her family. then stir in shares with us the arrest warrant. >>reporter: the arrest warrant in this case makes numerous allegations against san francisco's new sheriff. criminal defense attorney michael cardozo review the arrest warrant and he said this is not the --not will win for them. >> when you have is someone saying i have a bruise on my arm, it happened before, how did the blues get there? what facts underlying the bruce happening to the arm. >>reporter: the rest one says there is a tape of mikarimi is wife saying the
4:35 am
following. he says this admission by the wife does not bode well for the prosecution. >> she was going to use that as leverage to prevent him from doing that. to say he is not a fit father, look at what he has done to me, look at what he is done to me from my child. she has a role to tell a story that is beneficial to her. >>reporter: he says the jury will have a tough time convicting on the child endangerment charge as well as dissuading a witness charge. remember he is not been cooperative with-- remember that lopez is being cooperative and that two works in mikarimi favor. >>justine: he has repeatedly said he has no plans to step down as sheriff. and another
4:36 am
developing story comes from san leandro. they're looking for a suspect at shot multiple rounds at an undercover police officer in an unmarked car just before taking off last night. when they saw the suspicious car last night the attempted to follow the car when the driver made a u-turn and drove directly towards them and no one was injured in this incident and the search is on for the suspect this morning. stay with us for details. >>james: other news around the bay the high-speed chase ended with the death of an innocent bystander. police to try to chase down a car full of suspected burglaries three people are now behind bars, please have still not release the identity of the victim.
4:37 am
investigators say pantihose belonging to one of the victims contained dna that likely belong to joseph naso. joseph naso is representing himself in the preliminary hearing. he claims he never had contact with the victims. and this morning, get ready for a rate hike if you plan on becoming a new at&t customer. the company will raise rates on the smart phones and tablet data plans. the new rates will go into effect on sunday but only new customers will be affected. t mobile said merely canceled its unlimited data plan in april. script remains the lone national carrier that provided unlimited data. they say kodak has trouble to move forward in digital for cartography--and digital
4:38 am
photography. the company was trying to find a buyer for more than 1000 digital patents. in november the city could run out of cash if they did not sell those. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 morning news will take a quick break as we wait for the rain on this thursday morning.
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>>reporter: republicans in congress are preparing for
4:41 am
battle, this time over the obama administration's decision to reject a bid to suspend the controversial-- to extend the pipeline. record >> the american people are asking a question, where are the jobs?. he has eight jobs to increase jobs and he says no. rent >>reporter: the obama administration said a deadline imposed by congress did not give enough time to study environmental impact of the 1700 mile-long pipeline. concerns raised in nebraska that the proposed route in danger incentive offer below the state's sen hill region. >> it was a vote from the farmers tested with a second this pipeline is too risky. >> up because of the concern expressed by numerous stakeholders inkling the republican governor of nebraska he
4:42 am
decided that an alternate route is necessary. the tune of that doubt has not been completed yet. >>reporter: the ministry and was facing added pressure from environmental protesters, the state department expects the company transcanada to reapply for approval. >>justine: the white house has tried to delay a decision on the project until next year after the provincial elections but as a part of a payroll tax cut negotiations, congressional republicans gave the administration just 60 days to make a decision. >>james: we are getting a better look at direct cargo ship it ran aground in october this past weekend it finally broke into two pieces. recovery efforts are ongoing. containers that can not be reached are simply being pushed into the sea more than 500 have been an account for--have been
4:43 am
unaccounted for. we will take a quick break and we come back the latest on the cruise ship that wrecked off the coast of italy. and we have a pretty easy ride on highway 92 come this afternoon is going to be a wet one. we have a lot of rain headed our way and look at the forecast coming up.
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>>justine: the missing people still include a five year-old italian girl and her father. >>james: mean time the captain of the cruise ship that ran a close and italy is being insulted and mocked in the media he denies that he abandoned the ship despite the at mounting evidence against him. >>reporter: he went from being captain of the concordia to being called captain power, capt. not courageous and worst of all, chicken of the sea.
4:47 am
>>reporter: who want to leave home when you have been titled the most hated man in italy. >>reporter: he is being ridiculed by cartoonist, who betrayed shouting this is your captain speaking remain calm as he is abandoning the ship. but the captain cook told--but the captain told the coast guard that he did not abandon the ship, he said he tripped and fell into the life raft. >> he fell into the life raft? he fell into the life raft?
4:48 am
>>reporter: person who yelled at the captain is being celebrated. >>reporter: this has become a facebook page and italy printed on t-shirts. another captain the fitted him saying the following. now the captain's reputation maybe you--beyond rescue. >> why in the world would to abandon the ship! >>reporter: he may go down in history for not going down with the ship. >>erica: we are taking a live look at conditions
4:49 am
overlooking our roof camera in downtown as i want you to the weather headlines, rain chances begin in the north bay within the next couple hours. the heaviest rain showers are anticipated for friday evening. as we head into the week in we will see one of showers--on and off showers. now here is a look at the future forecast. i will show you exactly where the wet weather will quit and win. by 8:00 a.m. it looks of the rain chances they to our north. by 2:00 p.m. it becomes a little bit more widespread and moderate for the north bay. but still north of the golden gate bridge ads we advance the clock to your evening commute, the yellow band on your screen impacting san raphael, oakland and downtown san francisco, most of the bay area is dealing with the wet weather we will continue to see scattered showers and to the evening. by 9:00 a.m. friday morning you can see the rain sitting over the heart of the bay
4:50 am
area. by 2:00 p.m. it is a little bit more widespread. the same goes for 5:00 p.m., and so is in here at 8:00 p.m.. all that red indicate some pretty heavy downpour. we can expect that for the north bay and maybe some places like san francisco and among the coastline. we will continue to deal with the wet weather not only thursday and friday and saturday and sunday and possibly monday as well. rain chances begin today the heaviest rain is expected for friday. we could get up to 4 in. possible. as we break down exactly how we can gather the heaviest rain to be in the north bay. by 8:00 a.m. on friday you will see a little bit more rain for downtown san francisco and as we advance 11:00 p.m. on friday you can see almost 3 in. of rain for santa rosa, over an inch for everywhere
4:51 am
else. now focusing on this afternoon's high temperatures very similar to yesterday in fact upper 50s for open and redwood city, 56 degrees for those in half moon bay. as return artisan to the north bay, mid-50s are very common here. now your seven day around the forecast shows grain the big weather story as we head into an extreme of days. a reminder that the heaviest rainfall is expected for friday night. you can see the off and on showers as we head into the weekend. and i last checked as we head out the door your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza ride is nice and easy talking in and just eight minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont street. the san mateo bridge ride is smooth and both directions of '92, though accidents or incidents to report. as he take over to the golden gate bridge south bound 101 we have a lot of space in between cars. no major delays for the ride coming out of the north bay. one last check and the
4:52 am
traffic map shows south bound 680 moving well. west bound 24 is a clear shot through the caldecott tunnel. as the focus in on the conditions along the shore freeway of the green on your screen indicate speeds over 50 m.p.h. in fact, as a ticket to your drive time at just 11 minutes right now from hercules down to berkeley. >>justine: a $100,000 reward is now being offered in the did the beating of an elderly man. the 83 year-old with attack two years ago in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. >>reporter: nearly two years ago, huan chen had just gotten off of the tea line and was headed to his assisted living facilities when he was approached by a group of male juvenile. police said they can the back of the head, he felt the ground and hit his head again. they say he would immediately rushed to hospital but died after a month and a half after the
4:53 am
attack. detective kevin jones says the they have no leads in the case in hopes that someone will come forward with the information. >> the problem is i did not know what the motivation was. there have been times when have closed cases and able to solve cases and people have come forward after a couple of years, for some reason there circumstances change and basically i think they felt more comfortable coming forward in providing information. >>justine: we have a live look right now at the james lick freeway, no rain just yet, but it is coming.
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>>reporter: tickets are sold out for the 49ers playoff game, but stubhub still had some tickets. gabe slate shows the scramble to get tickets. >>gabe: it is 12:55 p.m., five minutes until gold time. i have to computer set up, i am not taking any chances i have two different ticketmaster accounts i logged in on either computer, i will keep trying to get tickets. at 1:00 p.m. i started the clock as soon as they went on sale i tried with two counts to purchase two tickets. i went right away to the cheapest tickets were $170. it said no exact
4:57 am
matches were found. i'll go to the next price up again, it says sari no match is found. so now i will try to purchase two tickets at $208. again, i was quickly scene that the lower-priced tickets were sold out, so next i tried to purchase the highest priced tickets at $469 each. it says sorry, no match is found. i've been tried for any tickets best available and there was nothing. there was only one thing left to try. >> now i will try one to get any price best of all let me see if they have one single ticket? o mike the knife! >>gabe: that is it i failed, i did everything right to computers, a fast internet, i was just not one of the lucky ones to get through. >>justine: here is a look at quaker tower in san
4:58 am
francisco it is lit up in red and gold in honor of the san francisco forty-niners with a big championship game. the question we are wondering about today how what will the field get? we will have details on the rain coming up after this.
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>>james: we have future cast for a set for a a.m., that is when we are looking for activity in the north. now this front pushes down impacting the evening commute with a light to moderate and heavy rain. that is what this yellow means. as we pushed towards friday, take a look we have more activity in the morning. it will be lighter in the morning and then intensify as. by 2:00 p.m. it is more widespread in by 5:00 p.m. friday, watch the next one this is 8:00 p.m. on friday beale looking for release of your very intense rain to start falling around the bay. that is kind of what we are expecting the timing and where shall fall. we will talk about how much should fall and how long the rain should last. we will have that in a little bit. right now we have a quick check of traffic. >> george: we have no hot spots for your ride around the area. we will start with a quick bridge check,
5:02 am
traffic looks great. it is light and there is the easy ride there are no problems on the upper deck, your ride through the san mateo bridge is equally good. and for the trip to the golden gate bridge, not only is it easy but there are no delays in fact the chp right now has no accidents to report or anything blocking the traffic on any of the metro areas. >> mark: we are following this developing story out of these bases and the and the police are looking for suspects who fired multiple shots and of the cover officer.--fired multiple shots at an undercover officer. here is where it happened last night. instead of giving up the suspects actually went after the police officer trying to kill him. we have more on the search for the suspects. >>reporter: the officer is find amazing that after being fired at several times
5:03 am
he is not hurt, but he was following the suspect in this direction in his car. for what ever reason the suspect realizes he's being followed, keep hits in the the you turn comes back this way and rolled down his window at the undercover officer, the fires at the officer, the shots hit the car but not the officer and right in front, that is washington boulevard, washington ave. you make a right turn and that hops on 2880. the officer amazingly turns around and he has the presence to follow the suspect for a few mouse. the suspect was going too fast finally lost him at around highway 13. this morning they are still searching for him, there are no descriptions of the suspect. for now let us send it back to you. >> mark: all right, we will check back with you throughout the morning. >> darya: the new shares
5:04 am
mikarimi--shares marinis wife is now lashing out at the and witness with the neighbors reported that there was domestic abuse that night. lopez says the neighbor had ulterior motives and she plans to fight a protective order keeping her husband away from his family. lopez told a spanish radio station in venezuela that cold, the richest people in california are trying to ruin her husband. she said that this was political persecution. she believes someone is unhappy with her husband's progressive views. she continues to say if she has no complaint against her husband. >> mark: the 14 year-old boy accused of robbing and sexually assaulting two women in separate incidents will be in court today. he turned himself in at the
5:05 am
alameda county juvenile hall on monday two days after oakland police asked for the public's help in finding him. the boy was charged as a juvenile at this point. the motion asked for him to be sent to adult court could be filed after behavioral studies are completed. >> darya: right now we want to give you the latest on the italian cruise ship disaster, divers have now resumed their search for 21 people at this hour were still reported missing after the boat capsized off of the tuscan coast. they returned to the area and determine it was stable on the rocks. now they are considering to call in the recovery effort runcie's are forecast for later in the day it adds an element of uncertainty. they plan to begin pumping about 1 million gal. of fuel from the vessel as well. now, when it comes to the
5:06 am
missing this morning they include a five-year old italian girl and her father. we are now hearing from the cruise ship captain about what happened. >> darya: the captain also said a nautical chart showed that the shift with at least 100 yds from any of the rocks and about 300 yds from the shore. he also says that he was the last to leave the
5:07 am
ship despite those who say that he left the ship while there were still many on board fighting for lifeboats. he then got to shore and took a taxi. >>justine: one of the things we're watching in the kron4 newsroom is that kodak is officially filing for bankruptcy protection it is 130 years old and has trouble to move forward in the world of digital technology. it did secure a nearly billion dollar money in financing the plan to continue the business as usual during the bankruptcy proceedings. we will follow the story and see how stocks do coming up at 6:30 a.m.. >> mark: if you planned on becoming a new at&t customer the company will raise rates on its data plans, the rates go into effect this sunday but only new customers will be affected. t mobile similarly canceled its
5:08 am
unlimited data plan in april, sprint remains the national carrier that provides unlimited data. >> darya: 80 for picking up the kron4 morning news. we are tracking a storm that is going to hit the bay area. the us take a look on this first day back we are supposed to get wet. now you can see how the front is moving in is to the north of us but it will drop down and look at lake tahoe, they will get some snow out of this, we will be right back. it's your social network.
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look at this is in 2012. i what republicans will release final vote totals from the january 3rd caucuses and the do more and register is saying that rick santorum actually finished ahead of mitt romney by 34 votes. the paper says results from several precincts were missing and there are too many holes in
5:12 am
the certified totals to another victory for certain. romney was thought to have won the contest by eight votes. they are calling it a virtual tie. the five republicans still in the race for the party's nomination are preparing for the last televised debate before this weekend's primary. it is a two hour debate that will begin at 5:00 p.m. tonight. the candidates are busy with events scheduled throughout the state. mitt romney is still the front runner. newt gingrich is closing in. that 30 percent of republican primary voters
5:13 am
orlando. this comes as republican presidential canids are preparing to blanket florida with anti obama messages. this trip gives the president the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a general election campaign in florida. joe biden and his wife are leaving the bay area today to head to reno and then aulos angeles. yesterday the vice president was in the city's financial district in support of the president's reelection campaign. >>darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. and
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>>mark: in developing story out of san jose, crews are battling a house fire on norwood avenue. craig skalar is showing us the scene right now if if if >>craig: this is a house up in the hills. there is a lot of smoke coming out of the roof. it started at about 4:00 p.m.. it appears to have been able to contain the fire from the house. there are a lot of firefighters still out here. this is right up against the dry slopes of the hills in the east side of san jose. some of the trees are burned but they have managed to keep it to one house. this is the back end area. we will get more information as we go along.
5:18 am
there are definitely getting a corral on this thing and knocking down the fence line to get into the back side of the house to make sure things do not spread. >>mark: we will check back later for an update. >>darya: here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. visibility is still really good. if he did not listen to james, you would not know that the rain is coming. >>james: it is coming. it is to the north right now. it will rain all day tomorrow and into saturday. how much grain? future cast 4 is set for an end. by 11:00 p.m. we could be anywhere from
5:19 am
1400's of an inch of live up to 1 in. in the north bay. through the day on friday will add to those totals. nearly two stages of rain near boulder creek. that is what we are expecting for just thursday and friday. the numbers are expected to rise as we have throughout the weekend. third we are seeing the first bits and pieces of the rain to the north near ukiah. this entire system will to the south throughout the coast of the morning and impacting the north bay by a tan or 11:00 a.m. and then continue bay area why throughout the day. that is the scenario.
5:20 am
monday, we will hang on to showers a little bit. >>george: traffic is light with an easy approach from the macarthur maze. their ride on the san mateo bridge looks good. no delays was found.. the golden gate bridge ride is a smooth and easy trip. the ride on 80 westbound is delay free. so is the commute on south bay freeways. 101 and 85 are
5:21 am
completely clear. we have at the limit conditions for the ride on 101. >>darya: prosecutors have laid out new evidence against this man who is accused of killing for northern california women. investigators say that pantyhose belonging to one of the victims contained dna that likely belongs to joseph mason. another pair of underwear used to kill a victim also had dna belonging to the ex-wife of may so. nasal claims he never had any contact with the victims.
5:22 am
>> there is a $100,000 reward to help solve this investigation. the man was approached by a group of male juvenile. police say they hit him in the back of the head, he then fell to the ground and hit his head again. he died a month and half after the attack. >>darya: actor mark walberg is apologizing for comments that he made about the 911 attack on the world trade center. in an interview while berg said, if i was on that plane with my kids, it would not have one down like it did, there would have been a lot of blood in the first-class cabin. in his
5:23 am
apology he said he crossed the line and add, to speculate about such a situation is ridiculous. >>justine: bank of america has just cut out profits for the last three months of 2011. it earned $2 billion just in the last three months of last year. shares are up almost 4 percent in pre-market trading. we will take a break in and be right back. with och
5:24 am
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5:26 am
>>mark: tickets for the 49ers playoff game on sunday sold out quickly but there are places to eat and buy them. stubhub says there website currently has about 5000 tickets on sale for sunday's game. they also
5:27 am
say, if you have patience, you could save some money. >> prices came down for the divisional playoffs as we got closer to game time. their reason was not because people did not want to go. the fact of the matter is, it is a marketplace. >>darya: it is sourdough vs bagels in a friendly wager between mayor ed lee and
5:28 am
>>darya: eli manning missed part of this practice with with the coach called a budget, a bad stomach. >>mark: a big change in the 49ers forecast. fifth thing
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>>james: down near ukiah is where we see the rain as it approaches.
5:32 am
>>james: long-term, it looks like we could be out of the woods tuesday and wednesday. we will talk more about who is going to get most of the rain out of the system coming up in our next
5:33 am
update. >>george: we have a quick traffic track. there are no hot spots. we will start with a look at the bridges. your ride on the bay bridge is still very light. the ride on the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is a smooth commute with no backups or delays. an easy ride on both ends of the bridge where 101 intersects 92. the reconfiguration of the lanes is open. in easy commute coming in from iran. the drive time is 23 minutes from 37 to the golden gate. >>mark: a developing story out of the east bay. san leandro police are looking for a suspect that fired multiple shots at an undercover officer. here is what happened. will trammels
5:34 am
at the scene this morning and has the latest on the search for the suspect's. >>will: i can tell you that the officer is fine. soft he was following the suspect in an undercover car that was unmarked. the suspect realized he was being followed, he turned around and came right at the police officer. once he got to the side of the police officer, he rolled down his window and fired several shots and then, he took off. that officer was able to turn around and follow the suspect for several miles onto to 38 as well as 5 ft.. the suspect was going so fast, about 100 mi. per hour, they simply cannot
5:35 am
keep up with him. >>darya: san francisco's new share of is set to be arraigned this afternoon. the 50 year-old the ec here with his wife is charged with this domestic violence, battery, a child endangerment and dissuading a witness in connection with the new year's eve incident involving his wife. his wife is lashing out at the witness to this incident, a neighbor who reported the domestic abuse. she says the neighbor had ulterior motives and that she plans to fight a protective order keeping a share away from its family. dan kerman has more.
5:36 am
>>dan: the arrest warrants makes numerous allegations against san francisco's new sheriff. >> this is not the smoking gun. >> michael korda's are reviewed the arrest warrant and said it is not a got you. >> this is not well when the trial off. will you have is someone saying that i have a bruise on my arm, it happened before. what are the facts underlying the brew is happening on the arm? >> there is a videotape of his wife factually of a neighbor a bruise and saying, this happened yesterday, it has happened before, i will use it if he tries to take my son. that does not bode well for the prosecution. >> she was going to use that as leverage to prevent him
5:37 am
from doing that, thought she would say, look what he did to me and from my talks of the. it is not a grass-he is not a fit father. she has a motive that is central to her. >> the jury will also have a tough time convicting on the child endangerment charge in slinging a witness. remember, lopez has not been cooperative with the prosecution. that works in the favor of mercury. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. we are waiting for the rain to drop in. we will have more on the timing of the storm coming up.
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5:41 am
>>justine: job was claims are down 50,003 italy of thousand. that is the fewest since april of 2008. experts are saying that the decline is adding to evidence that the job market is strengthening. members need to be below 3 others 75,000 to show a decline in overall unemployment. we are also reading that housing starts for the end of 2011 were the worst for single-family home construction. the >>mark: in overnight trading comedy bay was up 4% to 3151.
5:42 am
>>darya: rupert murdoch's media company agreed to pay damage to the dozens of people who were suing over a cell phone hacking. his company was facing a 60 acting lawsuits. 5:42 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. it is chilly out there.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>>darya: a developing story out of san jose, a house fire on the norwood avenue, craig skalar is their lives to take a look at what is
5:46 am
going on now. >>craig: they do have a handle on it. flames are coming out of the roof. they have this under control. here are pictures from earlier. this started at about 4:00 a.m.. firefighters told me that when they got here, it was seriously involved. they say the person inside was able to get out safely. 3000 square feet.
5:47 am
>>darya: tell me more about the people who were in there and got out. with a sleeping? >> apparently there was one person. >>mark: we're waiting for this storm to drop in. it looks like it will fall today. >>mark: >>james: the rate is slowly but surely making its way to the bay area. you can see
5:48 am
the rain totals here, this is going to be pretty good rainmaker. widespread rain for both of the days. sunday evening, another round of rain into monday. this
5:49 am
rainmaker is something we have been watching pound of the pacific northwest for days. we have been waiting for it to arrive in the bay area and it finally looks like it is pointed out in. >>mark: here is a look from seattle-tacoma. five-tenths inches of snow. this city of seattle only has 30 clouds. very icy conditions. three of the runways at seattle- tacoma airport are iced over. we have seen a lot of the flooding taking place in the area and a lot of rain for the to the south. it's
5:50 am
there are a lot of power outages as we had strong wind gusts up to 100 mi. per hour in the area. >>justine: here are live pictures of the situation as he mentioned. eyes on three different runways has shut down a part of the airport this morning. there is still some snow on the ground the can tell that clouds have already been out there. >>darya: if you're traveling by car, george will help you
5:51 am
out. >>george: we do not have any hot spots. a very quiet right around the bay area. the westbound commute is light even for this hour. normally we would see a few more cars approaching 6:00 a.m.. the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound marin county is a problem free and the delay free with very light traffic. a great ride for westbound interstate 580. the south bay freeways
5:52 am
are continuing to do well with a green showing for 85 and 101 in the northbound direction. >>darya: new details of all prosecutors have withdrawn the request for restitution from dr. conrad murray curious >>darya: where in the world is casey anthony? according to some reports she may have found god. hiding out in a church near west palm beach.
5:53 am
>>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. traffic is moving close to the speed limit as we wait for the storm to move in.
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